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Resources for Coders

This section is for hospital and health authority staff who abstract data into the Perinatal Data Registry (PDR). 

PDR Reference Manual

BC Perinatal Data Registry Reference Manual (Version 6.01)

December 2023 Update

PDR V7.1: Important Information for HIM Coding Coordinators

I. PDR Upgrade

The Perinatal Data Registry (PDR) is receiving an update to its core data set as part of a critical modernization of perinatal data towards improving maternity services across BC. This work is being prioritized as noted in the Health Authority mandate letter and identified in the Maternity Services Strategy (MSS).

This modernization of the data variables is occurring to align with the clinical content of the PSBC perinatal forms, to align with evolving best practices including the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) guidelines, and to remove duplication with the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD).

To update the core PDR dataset, PSBC will be releasing version 7.1 after April 2024. The changes will introduce new fields, updates to existing fields and the discontinuation of fields deemed to be redundant or no longer relevant. Details of the changes will be shared separately. Data collection for the new core data will start for the fiscal 2024/25 year.

II.         PDR V7.1 Training and Documentation

A comprehensive training plan is currently being developed to facilitate a seamless transition with the upcoming changes. The plan will include training sessions, recorded instructional videos and reference documents. In addition, a SharePoint site has been created for HIM coders to access reference documents and manuals. The site currently contains documentation on the description of the core field changes and where those fields are located on the clinical forms. New resources will be added to the SharePoint on an ongoing basis to better support Health Organizations.

Facilities will be scheduled for training sessions in coordination with regional HIM leaders. PSBC will initiate discussions in the upcoming months to determine the optimal timing of the sessions for each health authority or facility.

III.        PDR V7.1 Schedule

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For questions about the PDR upgrade or data collection, please contact




October 2016 Update

April 2014 Update

The PDR Reference Manual was revised in April 2014. 

Change Document
This document outlines and explains the changes made to the PDR Reference Manual.

This presentation (revised June 2014) provides further education on the changes made to the PDR Reference Manual.



  • PDR Bulletin February 2018
    • New PDR Implementation Update
    • Provincial Perinatal Form Revision
    • Your work in action
    • PSBC Facility Indicators
    • PDR Implementation Timeline

    Previous Issues

    PDR Bulletin June 2017

    • Period End Procedure – CIHI Transfer & Data Quality
    • Data Quality Reference Guide for Coders
    • PDR Reference Manual Addendum
    • Fiscal Year 2017/18 Data Submission Deadlines
    • Development of New PDR & Results of Coder Survey

    PDR Bulletin February 2017

    • BC Home Birth Data Collection: A Six-Month Review
    • Data Quality for Home Birth Records
    • Data Collection Amendments and Clarifications

    PDR Bulletin November 2016 

    • Introducing PSBC Product Support Analysts
    • Fiscal Year 2016/17 Data Submission Deadlines
    • Revised PDR Scope
    • Why Delivery Presentation Matters
    • Data Collection Amendments and Clarifications
    • How to Correct Your Data Quality Edits
    • Reminders

    PDR Bulletin March 2015

    • Reminders for FY 2014/15 Year End
    • Instructions for FY 2015/16

    PSBC Bulletin February 2014 - Revised Reference Manual

    • High-level changes to manual format
    • Major changes to manual content
    • Training sessions

    PSBC Bulletin April 2009 (Revised for redistribution July 2013)

    • Version 6.01 Errata

    PSBC Bulletin July 2013

    • Resource Page for Coders
    • PDR Reference Manual
    • PDR Data Quality Tool (DQ Tool)
    • Level 1 Abstracting Workshop
    • Clarification of PDR Scope
    • NICU Daily Classification

    PSBC Bulletin October 2012

    • News on Merged Database at your Health Authority

    PSBC Bulletin October 2011

    • Spotlight on Presentation & Position

    PSBC Bulletin April 2011

    • PSBC Office Move
    • BC Perinatal Database changes
    • Field Clarifications 

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