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Lab Requisition Form and Reports

IPS/SIPS or Quad

The Prenatal Biochemistry Laboratory at BC Children's and BC Women's performs the serum biochemistry testing and the reporting of SIPS, IPS and Quad screen results.

Lab Requisition Form for Ordering IPS/SIPS or Quad

Current Version - The lab requisition was updated (in June 2017) to reflect that the Part 2 (or Quad) serum collection can now be done earlier. For optimal and earlier results, women should aim to have their Part 2 blood collected from 15-16 weeks. A risk calculation for Down syndrome and open neural tube defect can then be reported as early as 16-17 weeks, which provides additional decision-making time if more testing is warranted (such as NIPS). 

For women who want to have even earlier results, Part 2 serum collection can now occur in week 14. However, please note that only a risk calculation for Down syndrome can be reported, and ONTD will not be shown on week 14 risk reports (if ONTD risk is calculated as positive, the lab will telephone the health care provider to discuss). 

Print out a lab requisition and fill it out manually, or download an interactive lab requisition to fill out on the computer and then print out. 

Please ensure that all demographic and clinical fields are filled out.  The analysis and risk calculation cannot be properly done if pertinent clinical details are missing.  For eg., maternal weight is needed in order to accurately analyze the PAPP-A marker in your patient’s serum sample.  

Give the completed requisition(s) to your patient to accompany their blood sample to the laboratory. Each blood sample must be accompanied by a completed requisition.

Lab Reports for IPS/SIPS or Quad

View a sample prenatal screen report.
The report shows screen negative and screen positive results for Down syndrome and open neural tube defects. The report does not display results for trisomy 18 unless the result is screen positive. 
Screen positive results are called out to the ordering health care provider by genetic counsellors in the Prenatal Biochemistry Laboratory as soon as results are known.

Reports are faxed to the ordering health care provider and to the “copy to” providers listed on the requisition. Hard copies will not be mailed.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

Please review the information on our NIPS page, which includes the lab requisitions for our funded NIPS. 

Trisomy 21 Risk Calculator

Use the Trisomy 21 Risk Calculator to generate a new modified risk by entering your patient’s screen risk and ultrasound markers.

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