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Infant Formula Resource

Perinatal Services BC and the Ministry of Health aim to be responsive to the information and support needs of all mothers, families and caregivers to safely and effectively feed their infants.

November 2022 update regarding specialized infant formula shortage guidelines: According to Health Canada, there is now a stable but limited supply of specialized infant formulas, including amino acid-based formula (AAF) and extensively hydrolized formula (EHF).

The provincial Ministry of Health has updated its guidance issued to pharmacies on June 17 to conserve supply, and the PSBC update page about the shortage has been removed. For further updates, please refer to the November 2022 issue of the Ministry's PharmaCare Newsletter and to the resources below this update. Families with further concerns can visit the B.C. government's HealthLinkBC.

All families should have access to non-stigmatizing information and resources to support them to:

  • make a shared decision about infant feeding.
  • choose what is acceptable, feasible, affordable, sustainable and safe (AFASS).
  • correctly prepare, store, and feed formula and feed according to principles of responsive, cue-based feeding.

This aligns with and supports the goals and guidance of the Baby-Friendly Initiative which focuses on the needs of newborns and empowers mothers and families to give their infant the best possible start in life. 

 How to use this resource

  • This resource is intended for use by health care providers (physicians, midwives, nurses, etc.) to provide evidence-based information and support to families and caregivers to make a shared decision about infant feeding. It should be used in its totality – portions should not be printed for use.
  • In alignment with Baby-Friendly Initiative principles the resource is intended for individual discussion between a health care provider and client and not for display or to be given out in group situations. 
  • This resource complements other existing resources that support families to safely and effectively feed their infants, including: 
  1. HealthLink BC: BC Health File #70 Breastfeeding, #69a Feeding Your Baby Formula: Before You Start, #69b, Feeding Your Baby Formula: Safely Making and Storing Formula. Contact your local public health office if you would like a copy of the health files.
  2. Babies Best Chance and Toddler's First Steps: available at local health units or online at

Development Process

  • Infant Formula: What You Need To Know has been adapted from the BFI Strategy Ontario resource. In developing their resource, Ontario engaged subject matter experts and field testing with families, including through face to face conversation with Indigenous families, and interviews with groups representative of the population of Ontario.  
  • The BC adaptation process was led by Provincial Coordinator, Baby-Friendly Initiative, Perinatal Services BC in collaboration with the Ministry and PHSA. Subject matter experts from the areas of health protection, perinatal health, and nutrition were engaged in the review and adaptation process.  This resource will be trialed in BC and feedback collected to determine how it responds to practice needs.  

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