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Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Approximately 43 000 babies are born in British Columbia (BC) each year. Most newborns transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life without any intervention; however, about 7% of these new babies required some form of resuscitation. Therefore, facilities that offer planned birthing services in BC must ensure their personnel is capable of neonatal resuscitation. Every birth should be attended by a health care provider whose primary role is to assist the baby during transition, including providing positive pressure ventilation and performing chest compressions. In the presence of fetal and neonatal risk factors, one person with the skills required to perform advanced resuscitation skills, including airway management, intravascular access and prescribing medications, should be available in a timely manner.

The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is an evidence-based educational program that introduces neonatal resuscitation concepts and skills to the adult learner. During the NRP Provider course, the health care provider will learn how to quickly evaluate a newborn, make decisions about what actions to take, and practice the steps involved in resuscitation. While NRP is primarily designed to teach the principles and skills of resuscitation of the newborn undergoing transition to extrauterine life in acute or home birth setting, these principles also apply to the resuscitation of newborns while in hospital until discharge.

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Canadian Implementation Timeline

The official launch date for NRP 8th Edition is February 1, 2022. Due to transition logistics, CPS recommends that no NRP Provider courses be run until late February 2022. If delaying is not possible, instructors can proceed with NRP 8th Edition courses by allowing providers to write the exam after the course and submitting rosters only once instructors receive eight-edition exam certificates from providers. Given the delay to the NRP 8th Edition exam, the CPS NRP Executive Committee has extended the deadline for NRP Instructors to complete the NRP 8th Edition exam until April 30, 2022. However, it is strongly recommended to complete the exams as soon as possible. Until April 30, 2022, NRP Instructors may teach NRP 8th Edition Provider Courses before completing the NRP 8th Edition exams as long as all other aspects of the provincial NRP 8th Edition update have been completed.


Textbooks, eBooks, and ancillary materials

The English textbook and materials are available in the CPS bookstore. An eBook version of the textbook will be available for this edition by February 1, 2022.

Online exams

In anticipation of the official launch of the NRP 8th Edition exam, CPS recommends that leaders responsible for NRP at each institution reach out to the IT department within each health authority to allow emails from "" to get through. Several institutions are blocking these emails, making registration for the exam more difficult. If your institutions are not willing to do this for security reasons, please have your providers register using a personal email address. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erica Dixon (Coordinator, Neonatal Life Support Programs, CPS) at .


NRP 8th Edition Online Exam Licenses

Bulk purchase

To take advantage of the reduced price of $45 CAD bulk purchase (> 49 licenses) of the NRP 8th Edition exams, orders must be placed by January 31, 2022.


Unused NRP 7th Edition exam licenses

RQIP will also automatically issue new NRP 8th Edition special transition licenses for every unused NRP 7th Edition license at no additional cost on February 1, 2022.


To place your order or for more information, contact RQI Partners (RQIP) at  or 1-866-293-1034.


NRP Instructor requirements

Instructors must complete the eight-edition exam before teaching NRP 8th Edition Provider courses. Instructors will maintain their status until their renewal, at which time they must provide proof of successful completion. NRP Instructors have complimentary access to the exams; however, accessing it has been difficult for some NRP Instructors. Reasons for this are varied, ranging from outdated email addresses, institutions blocking "no-reply" emails, and exam access issues at RQI. Instructors must contact CPS at  if they have not received an exam link. If they have difficulty accessing the exam or completing it, they need to contact and cc CPS in this email.


NRP Instructor resources

Canadian Pediatric Society


Perinatal Service BC

PSBC and the NRP Instructor Trainer Committee of B.C. hosted information webinars in January. Recordings of these webinars will be posted shortly.



NEONATAL RESUSCITATION: A Practice Resource for Health Care Providers (June 2022) 

Individual Integrated Skills Station Assessment Form - Canadian Adaptation

British Columbia Newborn Resuscitation Record (PSBC 1980)

The resources in this section were developed for NRP Instructors in BC to support them in teaching NRP Provider Courses. NRP Providers can also access and use these resources.

NRP 8th Edition Algorithm

NRP Skills

Individual Integrated Skills Station Assessment (ISSA)

Simulation and Debriefing

Under Construction

Perinatal Services BC does not offer provider courses. Each health authority or individual hospitals have NRP instructors who offer NRP provider courses. Please contact the perinatal nurse lead at the hospital or health authority in your area directly to find out when the next provider course is, as we are not notified about upcoming courses.

See here for CPS eligibility criteria and pre-requisites to become a NRP Provider.  


The NRP Instructor is an expert-level practitioner who is selected and supported by their facility to develop teaching skills in neonatal resuscitation. 


For more information, review the CPS Registration GuidelinesNRP Instructor Development in British Columbia and Letter of Support


NRP Instructor and NRP Instructor Trainer status are portable across Canada. However, given the provincial and territorial differences in process and eligibility criteria, NRP Instructors and NRP Instructor Trainers moving to BC must contact PSBC as a Team Teach supervised by a BC NRP Instructor Trainer is required prior to teaching NRP Provider Courses in BC. In addition NRP Instructors and NRP Instructor Trainers moving to BC must be supported by the facility and health authority where they are working.

For more information please see the following documents :

The primary role of the NRP Instructor Trainer (who is an expert-level practitioner supported by their health authority) is to assist NRP Instructors meet provincial and regional needs and to support and evaluate NRP Instructor Candidates during the Team Teach Component.


For more information, review the:




The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

  • Class time (provider and instructor courses): 2 Section 2 credits/hour
  • Online exam: 3 Section 3 credits/hour (up to 10 hours)   

The College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • Class time (provider and instructor courses): 2 Mainpro + Group Learning credits/hour
  • Online exam: N/A

The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

  • Class time: 1 credit/hour
  • Online exam: N/A


  • All of the class and exam time can be claimed for hours; 1 hour = 1 credit.


  • Can log their course time as part of their provincial regulatory body's continuing competency requirements.

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