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Tips for pregnant people to stay safe during the summer heat

Heat and humidity, while unpleasant for most people, takes a greater toll on pregnant people. Learn some tips to beat the summer heat during pregnancy.
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Too much heat is dangerous for everyone, but pregnant people are at higher risk for health complications. When pregnant you are more likely to get heat exhaustion or heat stroke because your body must work harder to cool down both your body and your unborn baby.

Take extra care when the temperatures soar to keep yourself and baby safe by following these tips: 

  1. Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water and other liquids.
  2. Reduce activity: limit activity, especially during the hottest hours of the day. Exercise at cooler times and avoid exercising to the point of overheating.
  3. Keep cool: spend time in cool spaces. 

Keeping cool this summer

Spending time in a cool space and drinking plenty of water is the best way to prevent heat-related illnesses. Here are a few ways to keep cool this summer:

  • Seek cooler indoor and outdoor spaces (i.e. a local community center, library or mall)
  • Use water to cool off by taking a cool shower or putting a part of your body in a cool bath
  • Wear loose fitting and light-coloured breathable clothing
  • Wear a wet shirt or apply damp towels to your skin to cool down
  • Close windows and pull indoor/outdoor shades/blinds around 10 a.m. to trap the cooler air inside and block the sun

Heat events and heat alerts

Visits the BC Centre for Disease Control website for information on preparing for heat events and what to know about the different types of heat alerts.

Additional information

You can visit the HealthlinkBC website for additional information on extreme heat safety:




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