BC Prenatal Genetic Screening Program

For Families

Information about genetic screening during your pregnancy.

For Healthcare Providers

Resources to assist you in offering genetic screening in your medical practice.

Prenatal screening tells a woman the chance that her baby will be born with Down syndrome, trisomy 18 or an open neural tube defect. The earlier a woman sees her health care provider, the more options she will have.

Prenatal screening is available for all pregnant women in BC, but the decision whether to have screening is a woman’s choice. This screening is a part of the overall prenatal care offered free of charge to all pregnant women in the province.

To find out more about prenatal screening in BC, watch our video for women and their partners.

Look at our visual aid diagram to understand the possible results from having screening.

If you have decided to have prenatal screening, use our pregnancy dating tool to find out when to have your blood drawn.

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Last Updated: Monday, July 29, 2013