Pregnancy Passport

The Women's Health Pregnancy Passport is a handy resource that your patients can use to navigate through their pregnancy. 

The Pregnancy Passport includes:

  • information relating to your patient's needs throughout her pregnancy, birth, and after the baby is born that your patient can think about and discuss with you;
  • information about the care she can expect during pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks after the baby's birth;
  • a place to keep notes and a record of check-ups and tests; and
  • a list of resources for more information.

The Women's Health Pregnancy Passport is published by Perinatal Services BC in partnership with the Ministry of Health and health authorities. The Pregnancy Passport is a companion to Baby's Best Chance.

Ordering the Pregnancy Passport

Complete the
RR Donnelley Order Form and send directly to RR Donnelley printers.


Last Updated: Friday, November 28, 2014