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Updates to Forms

Periodic changes occur based on provincial feedback and practice recommendations.

September 12, 2014: New! Neonatal Transfer Record
The Neonatal Transfer Record (Form 1600) and companion Quick Education Guide and Guide for Completion of the Neonatal Transfer Record have been developed to facilitate consistent and complete documentation, communication, and continuity of nursing care between facilities. The form is designed for inter-hospital transfers and is to be completed by nurses from Level 1, 2, and 3 units and given to the transfer team, who will give it to the receiving hospital’s nurse.

May 16, 2014: Minor Revision to the Newborn Clinical Path
The Newborn Clinical Path (Form 1593) and companion Guide for Completion of the BC Newborn Clinical Path have been updated to reflect expanding the use of the Neonatal Daily Classification tool to include all newborns born in or transferred to facilities with planned maternity services. For more information, please read the memo.

February 17, 2014: Newborn Resuscitation
Revisions have been made to the Newborn Resuscitation Record to make it streamlined and simpler to complete, as well as the Guide for Completion of the Newborn Resuscitation Record. View the summary of changes.

December 12, 2013: Newborn Nursing Care Pathway
What's New in the Newborn Nursing Care Pathway - this memo outlines the latest changes made to the form and guideline below:

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